On Top of The World, Happy Jewelry Customers Robby and Jax

Dear Mark,
The engagement went perfectly! I proposed to my lovely girlfriend on top of the Empire State Building in NYC. She loves the ring and she said YES!! I can’t thank you enough for all you put into the ring and how awesome you were to work with while I was overseas.

Thank you, Mark!

Robby Johnson 1Here is another picture from the proposal. The smile says it all! Thanks again, Mark!

Robby Johnson 2

                                   Jax and RobbyJax and Robby Wedding band


Happy Jewelry Customers, Kim and Bill

Dear Mark,
I want to let you know how much I love my new ring! My husband and I have talked about purchasing a different ring for many years, but I always stopped the process because of my attachment to my original ring of 30+ years. I couldn’t get past “that ring symbolizing that day.” After finally trying on your beautiful design, I totally fell in love with it. The 3 bands symbolizing God, husband, and wife, first drew my attention to your design. But after putting it on, it’s not only beautiful but so comfortable to wear. I also look at it in a whole different way… This new ring symbolizes the growth and commitment we have shared through our many years together.
It made it even more special to actually meet you. Thank you for this special experience!

Sincerely, Kim

Arthurs Happy customer12100-18KWR-WPD

“Amazing…like the day I got it.” Thanks, Emily!

Dear Mark,
I got my ring and it looks amazing!!!!! Like the day I got it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can now get back to receiving my daily compliments!

Emily W, MSI Ring

Happy Jewelry Customers, Matt and Amy

Dear Mark,
After we spoke today, I went to my meeting and sat 5 tables back from the presenter. When the meeting was over 3.5 hrs later the presenter came up to me just to see my ring since she had been noticing it the whole time even from that far away. I promise no gestures to have it catch the light were involved. I merely took notes the whole time and maybe drank some coffee. ; )
I took some pictures for you–too bad I could not capture the comments I’ve received today at work! I gave a short presentation this morning and never caught anyone’s eye because they were all staring at the ring as I was moving my hands. Pretty funny and entertaining for me!  : )

Hi Mark,
I hope things are going well!  So sorry I haven’t been in touch lately as you can imagine, Amy and I have been living quite the whirlwind life following the proposal and now in preparation of our trip (we leave Sunday!!).  Anyway, I wanted to give a sincere thanks for the time you spent working with us on the ring design.  It came out fabulously and we couldn’t be happier!  We have some plans for unique photos of the ring while we’re on vacation so if any turn out well, we’ll forward them your way.
Again, thanks so much for everything!

AmyAmy Malloy 2

Happy Jewelry Customer, Tiffany

Hi Mark,
I just wanted to tell you thanks again for all you have done for us. I received my ring today, and I couldn’t be more pleased and excited!! I will definitely be referring ALL of my friends to you!!
Thanks Again,

Tiffany 1Tiffany 2

Announcing the Eros collection, by Mark Silverstein Imagines

Eros, the Eternal God of Love, was meaningfully selected to honor this collection. Inspired by his close friend Amy and her love for the symbol infinity, Mark sculpted his vision into one continuous ring. This collection is unlike any other design on the market, as it creates the look of multiple bands overlapping each other shaped from one continuous strand…endless. The eternal nature of each ring reflects the infinite relations we have in life. When two people touch, even for the slightest moment, a never-ending connection is created, often subconsciously. While these connections may be forgotten or seem unimportant, every connection has an impact on our lives.  Enjoy! Click here to shop the collection.

Two tone, white, and rose gold with pink diamonds coming soon! Please follow us on, TwitterPinterest, Facebook, Newsletter, or our Blog to get the sneak peek.

Eros 1Eros 2Eros 3Eros 4Eros 5Eros 6

Happy Jewelry Customer with a Touching Story: Bill and Joan

Thank you, Mark.  I received the pendant today and it’s just as I thought it would be. Your work is exceptional and I’m really proud to have my wife wear your jewelry.

This is going to be extra special because last Friday Joan passed out and fell. I took her to the ER and they quickly admitted her and the short story is her blood pressure was going down and her breathing was very difficult. By 7:00 that evening she was in intensive care with several IV’s in her with 3 very strong antibiotics and two blood pressure meds. I went home thinking she will be better tomorrow, but at 10PM that night I was called by the DR in charge and he asked if I had power of attorney and end of life instructions. He suggested that I come spend the night with my wife because he wasn’t sure if she would make it to see the morning. Needless to say what was going through my mind. Cancel the pendant, call a funeral parlor, make arrangements. I wasn’t ready for all that. But the good news is at 6AM the DR’s came in to see her and she looked better. Her vital signs were improving and by the end of the day, they were saying that she was a miracle. She’s home now and resting well and getting better each day. It was a combination of 5 days straight of Radiation Therapy, low blood pressure, pneumonia, and low hemoglobin.

All’s well now and she will be thrilled to wear her new necklace and pendant. THANKS AGAIN.


Jewelry Buying – Who should I trust?

Jewelry Buying

Buying jewelry should be enjoyed, not endured. But the task can be daunting. The plethora of data—and determining its validity– adds stress to the mix.

I am writing this blog post to help you narrow the process down to two simple factors: Trust and Fairness.

When buying a mounting or a piece of jewelry with no gems involved, the decision is quite easy…do you Love It.  Although that same principle can be applied to purchasing a gem, the fear of being sold something that is not worth its proclaimed value plays a huge factor.  That’s where the Trust and Fairness part kick in.

Most people who sell jewelry claim to have the best thing for you.  They will tell you it will satisfy all of your needs.  In many cases, you may get lucky and it was perfect, but all too often that is simply not the case.  You were sold, and shame on them.

Avoiding this approach and finding a legitimate advocate—a reputable jeweler– is the toughest part of the process.  You are spending your hard earned money.  When choosing a jeweler, you need to trust your gut. If that is not sufficient, get referrals.   Once you feel comfortable dealing with an individual, ask the tough question: Why should I buy my jewelry from you?  If the response has the words price, deal or discount in it…then the salesperson will probably just be price shopping for you and not looking for value.  This person therefore would not be an advocate, but just a salesperson and you might think about finding another option. Be careful not to misinterpret low cost, for value.  However, if the person seems genuinely interested in your needs, desires and concerns then maybe you are in the right place.  But how do you really know?  What if this person is just a great salesperson and has been trained to ‘act’ interested?  How do I remove the doubt of being ‘sold’?

I suggest at some point, you initiate a conversation about a different subject other than jewelry.  Talk about a subject you are familiar with and see if your BS meter goes off.  If a person is going to try to BS you in one area, chances are they will do it even more in the area you lack expertise…jewelry.  For me that is a red flag and it might be time to move on.

Conversely, if you felt like the discussion was honest and authentic…maybe you found your advocate and can begin building a hardier relationship.  If this is the case, honesty should now trump all doubt and fears. You can be much more comfortable moving forward with your purchase, or at least a more serious and personal jewelry discussion.

Next is the easy and most pleasurable part. Finding the right item and discussing openly your financial comfort zone will send this journey down the right path.  All salespeople know there is no such thing as a budget or bottom line, so my suggestion is to deal only in the top end of your comfort zone.  Telling someone you are looking in the three to five thousand dollar range is the wrong approach.  When buying gems from an honest advocate, the more you spend, the superior the item.  Saying something like, “I am comfortable spending five thousand dollars but would go to six thousand dollars if you really felt it would knock my socks off,” is the best and most honest statement.   That being said, if your advocate now shows you items starting at six thousand and up…shame on them for taking advantage of your honesty by trying to push the number even higher.  Please judge for yourself if you think this ploy is happening or if they were just trying to show off something extra special that you might not have had a chance to see.  If you feel that you can still trust your advocate, fairness will now play a factor.  If this person is an expert in jewelry, you have a very good chance of securing just what you need at a very fair value.  Please remember one key factor: If this person is truly on your side and you are using their knowledge, their sources and their eyes to help you…PLEASE ALLOW THEM TO MAKE A FAIR PROFIT!!!

If you now try to hammer the salesperson over the price, you are placing the salesperson in a very uncomfortable position.  They want to satisfy you, but at the same time make a living.  For example, if you have been working with someone for several hours, days or even weeks and are deciding about purchasing a diamond ring for let’s say five thousand dollars, there is for sure several hundred dollars of profit in the deal.  If you like the item and trust the person, do not ask them if they can do better on the price.  They will most likely give it to you just to ‘save the sale’, but I do not feel it is the right thing to do.  Just as I do not feel they should mark-up an item excessively, just to hit your high end number.  If you suspect this type of game playing…run!

Just imagine you boss or partner saying to you that you did a really good job this week, but would you mind taking just a little cut in pay, just to sweeten your employment outlook and to make them happy.  That’s just wrong…really wrong.

The last part to recognize is the fairness quotient.  How do you know the price is fair?  Must I simply have blind faith?

The answer is a bit complicated.  When you are first dealing with a salesperson, having your guard up is not such a bad idea.  Then again, being too challenging might make the salesperson feel like you are questioning his or her integrity. If the salesperson is competent, he or she has done the homework and found you just what you wanted at a fair price.  If you need to shop a bit to feel more secure before you purchase, do so.  You never want to complete a purchase with regrets, only later to return or exchange it because you were uncomfortable with its value.

While the internet is an easy resource for pricing products, jewelry is a tough one in this arena…especially diamonds and colored gems.  No two diamonds are alike, so comparison shopping can only get you in the ballpark. It should never be used as a concrete bargaining chip.  In the end, if you feel that your diamond choice was within the parameters of the other sources you checked out, then your advocate did you right.  If you ever have concerns or questions about the price, ask!  If you feel that the person has gone into salesman mode by discrediting your comparison, then again it might be time to bolt.  However, your salesperson should give you all the information to properly evaluate the differences (some might be quite technical) so that the two of you can conclude which path to take.

Once you feel comfortable with your decision and have developed a trusting relationship with your advocate, this type of comparison shopping will no longer feel necessary.  As a matter of fact, you will feel so secure in your relationship, that buying elsewhere will feel awkward and maybe even a bit scary.  At this point you will have become a coveted and trusted referral.  Enjoy the journey!

Mark Silverstein